Getting Started

This user guide is written to assist taxpayers with navigating the Spatialest Appeals Portal.  Taxpayers can track the status of an appeal, see documents, and communicate with staff by using the Appeal Portal.

A link to the Spatialest Appeal Portal can be found at or accessed directly at

Users must register and create an account to access the Appeals Portal.  Paper and fillable pdf appeal forms are available at   

By using the register button available at the login screen, a user can create an account.

The user can also get assistance on password resets from this screen. 

Figure 2 displays details needed to create an account.

After completing the requirements in Figure 2 and clicking ‘Register’, the user will be redirected to the login page (Figure 1).  The user is now registered and can access the system using their account.   

An email confirming successful registration will be sent to the user. 

The user can now access the Durham county Tax Appeal Portal

The Home page provides methods to explore many useful online resources.   

Figure 3 Tax appeal Portal Homepage

The ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Unsure What To Do’ link shown below in Figure 4 will direct the user to the Tax Administration Home Page.  There you will find ways to contact the Tax Administrator’s Office and many other useful resources.


Durham County has compiled a list of Frequently asked questions related to the Recent Reappraisal.  Figure 5 shows the link for accessing the FAQ list.

Review & Compare

The Review & Compare Link offers a series of Steps designed to assist the user in determining the market value of their property before filing an appeal.

The user can enter the Parcel ID number found at the top of the Novice of Value Change form or search by name or address if the parcel number is unknown.

I don’t know my parcel number

To search for a parcel number using the ‘I don’t know my parcel number’ button,

enter a name – partial name or complete name

enter address – street name or house number

* Recommend typing full name or address to narrow search results.

From the results list, select the parcel to highlight the number on the left side green.

Clicking next will automatically populate the parcel number in the ‘Submit To Review & Compare’ field.  The user can then proceed as shown below and in Figure 6.


A list of ‘FOLDERS’ is available on the left side of the dashboard.



The Home folder is the main screen the user is presented with when logging into the system (see Figure 3).


The Inbox folder will alert the user to tasks requiring an action, such as resume an appeal.  By clicking on the task under the Assignment Name, the user will be directed to complete the task.

My Account

My Account folder shows information regarding the user’s account and allows the user to change their password.

My Saved Appeals 

My Saved Appeals folder contains a list of all saved appeals started but NOT complete.  The user can choose to either Resume or Delete the saved appeal by clicking on ‘Resume Your Appeal’ button under the Action tab.  

My Submitted Appeals 

The folder My Submitted Appeals displays all appeals successfully filed while logged into your account. 

Right click on the parcel number to see available action buttons.  From here the user can upload documents, get appeal details, and respond to messages from county staff.

Phase and Status indicate where each appeal is as it progresses through the processes.